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Just a small update for those who're wondering where I am progress wise!

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Hi everyone, I just thought I'd put this up so that people can be aware of why it isn't out yet and won't be out this week; plus where I am in regards to that point in development.

So, originally (When I planned the release date) I was thinking that it would be fine to simply release what I have finished (Which is mainly a mass of changes to Vet for all units, and a stupid amount of changes to Infantry and the weapons they use) and that would suffice.

This plan was made like this because I thought Ruhr would have the time to implement a more coherent system for Armour and Artillery, seeing as how although I'm not an idiot (Hurhur) Ruhr knows fifty times more about Armour and Artillery (Penetration/Accuracy/etc in the former, scatter/damage/AoE in the latter) in comparison to what I do. Since I had no documentation whatsoever on it I was fine with waiting simply because I had so much on my plate with Infantry at the time and I thought I'd never actually finish it.

Well, with the exception of modifying the reinforcement costs (How much you pay for a replacement, which in Corsix is literally a percentage value in the squad based files, which is about half to a quarter of the size of the individual based files which is what almost every other change I've done falls under) they are essentially V1.0 .

However, I just don't think it would be right to release it in this state. Primarily because Armour and Artillery is hardly touched whatsoever other than Vet tables at the moment and I'm just not comfortable releasing something with the same issues as before. Even though a good chunk of them are severely lessened due to my modifications long ago to the Vet tables, I still want to rework them.

Having said this, I've put up on here that it will be released on the 14th. Please bare in mind that I am a one person development team. I work on this when I can, primarily as a hobby on the side. Although it would be awesome to be paid money to sit down and do this as a job, it sadly isn't one right now. Because of this I really only work on it when I have the drive to do so as in this modifications case it's so large that it really is a lot of work.

Not only do I need to come up with all the ideas but I have to...*shudder* implement them. But having typed all of this please note: I'm not asking anyone to throw money at me, and I'm not going to stop development anytime in the near future, and in all honesty I probably won't even contemplate stopping until my first degree is finished, and thats only if I find my second degree to be far too taxing. That is another 3-4 years at the least, so you can all breathe your sigh of relief now if I had you sweating.

On another note, I will say that when I have done these key bits I will give you a release candidate.

- Soviets need to work (I know how to do it, I haven't gotten to it yet however)
- Armour needs to be redone (I've worked out a system for HP, and I have a ton of Ruhr's documentation on it now! :) )

- Artillery needs to be redone (I've got documentation from Ruhr, no real clue as to how to do it now but I've still got Armour to do in it's entirety so one step at a time here)

- I need to find out how to fix the main errors in the mod (I am only considering physically gamebreaking ones at the moment. As in missing luas that cause boxes or units that for some reason decide to crash the mod)

- Removal of the "Test" like resources on "High Resources" mode: I will redo Standard also and make both more logical in how this mod actually runs, in comparison to having them be completely vanilla in premise.

- Removal of Useless abilities: This one is technically an optional one, but when I say "Useless" I mean abilities that are now either no longer needed (Observation, for example) or ones that may be useful later but simply don't work correctly and break more things then they accomplish right now (Our version of Hold Position is terribly spotty; for now it needs to go) And I will also probably remove camo on a good amount of units that have them for the moment.

Please note that it's not like any of them will never return (I don't think Observation will though, honestly) but they don't work nicely and hamper balance, so it's better to have them out of the way right now.

Other than that, I have two optional things to do before release if people would like to have that done initially instead of in a patch.

- Implement all Updated/fixed/reworked content from DMz (Who is a fucking God amongst men to me) and yes this will probably mean a fix to the super awkward looking baby Geschutzwagen or I'll simply change it to the normal model because it looks really, really stupid.

- Implement the TGW Building models as replacements for all of the buildings I currently have (minus some/all the Soviet ones, they have their own set) as they fit more in most cases (I won't use the Bunker, for example) and I do have permissions for them. (Although not all of them, I can't use the British top tier one at the moment.)

It's a small change, but if I'm fixing the rest of the model related bits I thought I could probably just do it in the same stride if it's wanted.

Also, to clear some things up and bring a bit more reality to everyone on here: I have spoken to Ken through Steam (This is my first message from him in months, probably since I took over in all honesty). He is doing quite well, and wanted me to pass on that he is *OFFICIALLY* retired from modding. That means that I am your one man army here, folks.

This won't be your July update; hopefully your true July update will be me actually putting together a release for you. ;)

Anyways, I hope this suffices and people aren't all upset about it. But I'm a perfectionist at heart and I hate releasing unfinished work. It doesn't need to be godly polished mind you, it's an Alpha as far as I'm concerned. But I don't even have all of the gamebreaking bugs fixed, nor do I have a 100% redone mod as far as mechanics go.'ll have to wait, go figure. I will ask this one question for everyone in the meantime, please respond to it in the comments here and not in the main section.

If I were to setup a paypal account upon release, would anyone actually put anything in it? I simply ask because it's a semi-hassle to do it in the first place. I don't expect anything whatsoever, and I obviously won't stop modding just because I don't get money from this as it's a hobby. But from the semi-selfish point of view, it'd honestly be the biggest boost to my morale as it is the most concrete form of flattery from everyone here.

Again, this would be entirely optional and at everyones own will; just thought I would ask to get feedback on it. I won't put it up before everyone has something to play either, I feel that would be unfair. Thanks for reading everyone, Happy late Canuckistani Day and Murica' Day, by the way!

modber - - 768 comments

I didnt read the topic,but i dont care. The mod is awesome anyway!

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fallbarbarossa - - 140 comments

I'd put money in a Paypal.

I'd really like to see new base buildings and the Heer starting bunkers to be replaced bu 2cm or 3cmFlak.

I mean, I play 21. Panzer-Division a lot, as you can see by the avatar, so baby Geschutzwagen would be cool for me... but not the most important thing...

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Shwepps - - 38 comments

Good luck, man! Updates that you are implementing in the game seems very gripping. I hope, we will see the full version of your mod update in the nearest future.

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fallbarbarossa - - 140 comments

have you considered adding mg-34s instead of 42s in some places?

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bravozulu9 - - 53 comments

Can't wait for release!

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DaReaperZ - - 42 comments

Me want update now! Can't wait for the next version, the suspense is almost too much!

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chrl12play - - 3 comments

Does this mean the mod is active again?

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DaReaperZ - - 42 comments

Dude, where have you been? Didn't read the giant headline that says "AND YOU THOUGHT WE WERE DEAD!" when you entered the main page?

In short, yes it is active again, an awesome dude kept going.

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moohamm - - 1 comments

Is there a way to see Puma attached to any Panzer divisions such as Panzer-Lehr division, actually it was historically there.

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JudgeAlfred Author
JudgeAlfred - - 466 comments

I have no intentions on adding more units for the forseeable future. I'm not saying it will never happen; because It will (I do have a super happy go lucky goal of an Ost-Heer faction eventually)

Having said that, bugs/model updates/fixes galore and balancing and rebalancing need to be done before any of that occurs.

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