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Age of Petty Kings 2.0 will release on Friday October 30th! It will include entirely new and improved unit rosters, new factions, new settlements, an expanded map, and much more!

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I've just finished adding all the new features in Age of Petty Kings 2.0! We will still have one more week of beta to catch any remaining bugs, but for all intents and purposes the mod is done! We will release it on Friday October 30th (don't even bother asking me to push that up, we want to release a quality produce and that means thorough testing). I can't promise the exact time it will be released as last time it took a few hours for moddb to approve the link, but I'll try to get it up a few hours before midnight (Pacific Time) the day before.

Review Copies:

In the meantime, I'm giving out pre-release copies to youtubers and reviewers, so if you are either of those send me a PM with a link to your channel and I'll shoot you an advance copy!

Feature Summary:

  • Almost entirely new unit skins and models
  • More diverse recruitment rosters with tons of new specialty units
  • Expanded Map reaching all the way to the Wall
  • New factions including Houses Greyjoy, Peake, Bar Emmon, and Dayne!
  • Nearly double the number of settlements and noble houses
  • Recruitable Mountain Clans (north and south), Skagosi, and Crannogmen
  • Re-worked lore to fit in with The World of Ice and Fire
  • Multiple Bug Fixes

There are a few things we haven't been able to fix, most notably the crash on turn 251 seems to still persist. However, just about everything else has been either fixed or labeled with a warning to prevent crashes (like when you select "All" in custom battles).

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us this far! The moment of truth approaches,

-Admiral Thrawn

feillyne Staff

You don't have to worry about the time when download pages are authed anymore - they are self-authed now, and you can even set an exact time/date you wish your files available for download. ;-) The official blog post about this:

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bertio5 Author

Sweet, thanks! I'll just do midnight then :).

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Phenomenal. I hope your release goes well, you've clearly put a lot of work into this.

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Looking forward to this!

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