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Release date of Calradia 1417 and some new information about the mod.

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Hello all, I've said the mod will be released in this August yet i didnt tell when exactly. August 25 is the release date.

Some new info and current status of the mod :

The mod is pretty much done, all the features work as intented I havent left much to do other than adding open/close helmet visor script to all the bascinet models with visors (there are lots of them :( ) Other than that Im happy to announce I've managed to fix the annoying freelancer bug that duplicates the player and prevents lords to follow him when he/she becomes marshall.

+ All the freelancer bugs have been fixed other than one simple dialogue bug. Its nothing major tho, if player/lord army gets defeated in battle, the lord player servers will mention the defeat and say something like "its quite an ordeal we faced against the..." and after that he is supposed to say the lord's name that defeated him yet dialogue ends abruptly. I'll fix it as soon as i locate the bug.

+ Tournament changes : As you all know warband's tournament system can become very frustrating, especially if all the contesters of the tournament are on horseback with lances. So I've decided to change this whole system. Now everyone uses their OWN equipments in the tournaments, so if you're a low level recruit with low quality equipment you wont be able to defeat a renowned warrior or a mounted knight or a lord with a lucky lance blow to the head. If you want to win, you have be a seasoned, good equipped warrior.

+ Kill counts : Now you will be able to see how much you, your companions and enemy/ally lords killed or wounded in after battle screen. That way you will be able to see whether your companions doing alright or not.

+ If you defeat a lord in a battle, your relations with him will be decreased. But with defeat i dont mean beating his army, i actually mean defeating him yourself on the battlefield 1v1.

+ An arqebuese is added to mod yet no one uses it for the time being, in future versions I plan to create seperate troop trees for them.

+ Custom battlefields may be taken out in the release version due to them being too large and too system consuming (not decided yet). Or may be added as a seperate addon for those who wants to use them.

+ Added Jumne mercenaries to taverns.

+ Many armor models are combined with their seperate pauldron and leg meshes, and deleted the unnecessary materials to improve performance.

+ Seperate pauldrons feature is no more. When i was creating models for heraldic armors, i ran into problems when I've added some plate pauldrons to heraldic armor models. So I've decided to add them as seperate items to let player reinforce his heraldic mail with plate pauldrons. But that way you could also add them to your plate armor and exploit the feature by equipping 2 pauldrons to one plate armor. Also you could add them to Sarranid armors but they caused clipping and was not very useful. So I've managed to combine those heraldic meshes with pauldrons and make them one seperate item. So most of the armors in the game have their reinforced versions. (Lots of new heraldic mails, heraldic platemails)

+ Opening and Closing the helmet view : When you close your helmet visor, you will gain +2 protection to the head. Also when you close the visor, helmet view will be activated, so if you want extra protection, you will have to sacrifice some of your vision.

For now those are things i wanted to inform you about, there are many new things in the mod but i'll leave some of them for you to explore. :)

Also If you want to support my work and the time i spend making this mod you can do it on patreon. Being a student with bills to pay is not an easy task, I've spent many nights fixing and adding new features to both Daimyo Edition and Calradia 1417. :) Thank you to those who support me! :)


Athilora - - 100 comments

I love that tournament mode I first saw in Kozur's ASoIaF mod. Please don't take the custom battlefield sizes out. I've been spending too much time PoP and Perisno, therefore I cannot go back to 150 BF sizes.

Will there be a customizable troop tree for player faction?

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Aruda Author
Aruda - - 999 comments

The custom battlefields will be included in the mod, i may add them as an addon for those who want to use it, so dont worry.

Yes player will be able to customize his/her own troops.

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Athilora - - 100 comments

I love you, mate.

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Guest - - 694,944 comments

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Athilora - - 100 comments

Hey mate, just wanted to check if tomorrow's release is happening as planned.

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