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Finally we have a release date, Friday 8 Oct 2010.

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Finally we have a release date, Friday 8 Oct 2010.
months ago i talked about a release date but as you could have read had we to delay this date twice at least i believe. So i followed the advice that TB Biggs has given me over and over again;
"DON'T talk about any release date until the mod is REALLY finished!"
Well, the mod was already done a few weeks ago but first did i have computer problems, and this last week Baltic has been working on his server, because we want to make sure the server will be working perfectly for the download of the mod. With the release of our previous sp-mod, (Strider Mountain) did we have some troubles. We never expected so many people downloading the mod right after it was released, and therefore the server did crash. We will not have that much downloads with this mod, i have no doubt about that. Not that it is not that good, or even really bad. But the HL2 community is much smaller now as it was back then.
Still, we want to make sure everything works well and therefore we decided to release on Friday so we have everything set up to our best abilities.


jjawinte - - 5,067 comments

Well Leon, I hope you might be pleasantly surprised.
Granted, this mod didn't get the immense amount of PR as Strider, but many people are still anticipating it.

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

"Well, the mod was already done a few weeks ago but first did i have computer problems"

Omg, your computer hates you ;\
But yay, at last I will be able to play this, can't wait until friday ^-^

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ReezeTheVampire - - 3,929 comments

Well ists about time, no offence. I cant wait!!!

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SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps - - 2,905 comments

yes, i probably am the one that is most happy that Final Project finally gets released. When you have mapped you want to hear what people think of it.

By the way, i hope this doesn't matter and maybe you already have read this. But, this mod is a HL2 episode 2 sp-mod, and not a HL2 sp-mod like all our other mods. I forgot to change this for a long time until this afternoon.
Hope you guys do have ep2 too.


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DREDDY_KRUGER - - 13 comments

Leon thank you - Very interesting mod! But I always like your fashion with the plot such as "Strider Mountain" or "Coastline to Atmosphere" - there is always an exciting mission!
Леон если ты читаешь по-русски: этот мод очень интересный, но моими самыми любимыми останутся "Strider Mountain" и "Coastline to Atmosphere" потому что там захватывающие миссии.

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