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Heroes 7 2.0 has been released! Check out the previous article and the download page for more details.

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File is ready and should work now. Enjoy!

Heroes 7 2.0 has been released! Check out the previous article and the download page for more details.

I have done quite a bit to get the maps fixed up especially of major gamebreaking issues and playtested them again. Initially, I didn't think much of them but they're fixed now.

Heroes 7 Main MenuHeroes 7 Main Menu

It was an honor to work with some big names in COD mapping/modding. CoDeManX/Sevenz for his voice acting work and some mapping/modding elements. Jeannetovb (been a while, forgetten the right name. Scripting work). TakeHometheCup/BigWigglyStyle for his major effort on the mod to bring advanced game features such as helicopter combat, RTS, and commanding AI. Also a fellow mapper/modder, SPi for his custom main menu mod help and voice acting. Scillman for his custom main menu mod help as well. I also thank other helpers on the mod. I also thank my voice actors for their voice acting.

Heroes 7 Main MenuHeroes 7 Main Menu

Now, what happens next? Well, I have been trying to use an installer and auto-updater but currently, there are issues with them. Due to the large size of the mod, a "free" installer just wouldn't work since there's size limits. And auto-updater is complex to set up. I may dabble later on but may not. Will there be a Heroes 7 3.0? I have thought about adding in a multiplayer mode so it's a possibility. Further fixes/patches to the single player maps? Not sure, unless they're really gamebreaking. I am done with the mod. Should I make future changes, I'll probably just release the changes as standalone. If I can figure out how to do an auto-updater or at least a script file to fetch online files, I'll do it instead to keep the initial download small.

I have found my old COD2 maps again since my hard drive had changed over the years. I am thinking about going back to continue the maps for COD2 but this would be a part-time basis. I have a few ideas but not sure whether or not I would carry them out. Heroes 7 3.0 might be the COD2 maps. COD2 is also easier to map for compared to COD4.

I do have other priorities, especially with life and work. I'm getting old and I cant spend forever on this mod. And I do have another main project that this mod was based on that I need to work on and finish. It had been fun but it's time to move on.

Heroes 7 2.0

All in all, thanks for the support and the wait. Enjoy! Don't hesitate to ask any questions, post concerns, etc.

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