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Last Friday (22/09/17) We released a new version of the app with a new theme, more levels, new hazards and many more.

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Link to download the game for Free!

Dear indie lovers,

Last Friday (22/09/17) we released a new version of our app with; new levels, hazards and a new space theme! We also worked on developing a leader-board which shows your best times per level, and we made a level select menu so you can re-play your favourite levels.

The Complete List:

  • Added new levels
  • Added level select
  • Added local leader-board
  • Added new hazards
  • Bug fixes

What can you expect for the next release?

We will be working on improving the flow of the existing levels and testing our new concepts in levels which are still to come. We will also be focussing on creating a better tutorial for the new players and a better introduction to the game mechanics. Besides this we will focus on testing and improving the game to make it enjoyable for every player out there.

Your feedback and/or recommendations are still very much appreciated!

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