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New Version 0.52.0 Storage Management with - Special Storage connection - Construction Storages - Achievement Story - ... Try it for free.

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Updates in this Iteration

Special Storage connection

Its now possible to setup the connection of a storage. When creating a connection between 2 no specific storage's (like the dock and a normal storage) a popup will appear to setup what kind of resources the player wants to transfer.

Construction Storages

The storage module got a new toggle button. If this option is set at a storage, the constructions will auto-choose them to grab resources. By default the starting one has that option on, to not confuse new players.

Achievement Story

I make the Achievements nicer, by adding a some Consulting Messages. These messages will just shown once at the same time. The player needs to start the Task and getting some basic explanations what he need to do next. After an achievement is done, its showing also a "Well Done" message before the next task is started.

All other Choose-UIs converted

The other Interactions like choosing a WorkingPlace have been migrated and responding now all similar.

Person Animation

Make the persons not rotating while moving when walking straight. Now they turn on the spot towards the direction to look better.

Timewarp of Docking

The timewarp is now warping, till the ship is really docked, or available for a new launch.

Other smaller changes

  • Set performance to default and added a crash detector instead
  • Prevent jumping Timewarp on long waiting times. It uses the old estimation instead of going back to 1h/s.
  • Improved layout of PersonDetails
  • Improved Splashscreeh
  • Fixed Rotation of the Overlay Icons
  • Fixed some Problems with the UI at loading process
  • Fixed CenterOfMass not shown correct when a Balancer was empty
  • Fixed timewarp stopped when change to another Dock
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