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Haegemonia has recently gained a new fansite! This will be the only fansite since years ago when Haeggalaxy went down!

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Welcome to the briefing room!

Today we will brief you about recent developments in all things Vector Prime and Haegemonia.

The command of Vector Prime, under leadership of the admirals Dirtbag007 and BBalazs, has recently begun with regrouping the fleet under a single banner. We have been leaderless since the time when Haeggalaxy went down. That has changed a few days with a new fansite, which is the only one of its kind at the moment in the known universe.

We encourage all fleet commanders and captains to enlist on the site, even if you don't hail from that one galaxy far far away. This site does not only serve as a place for discussing and sharing new tactics, but also as a place to have a chat and to find new captains and fleet commanders to battle.

Also, as part of the reorganisation of the chain of command, all captains and fleet commanders are allowed to add content to the Vector Prime ModDB page, under supervision of the commanding admirals. This includes downloads, articles & media. We encourage people to do so!

We're slowly getting to the end of this briefing. If anyone would like to ask questions, feel free to write a comment below the article, or contact the developers.

Thanks for your time!

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