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Well an update for the release date :( More info below

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So too everyone's "surprise" it appears we are not able to release yet

In theory we can but at the current state it would be cyberpunk all over again

A lot of stuff happened, bad? no good stuff The mapping is going Marco Already did one map of ravenholm.

Check it out here:

And is now working on the canals.

I have added much more things:


The AR2 Now has an grenade launcher and we are using the Beta model.

All weapons are now added

The wasteland scanner is now added, The Bullsquids got an upgrade and are now using the antlion worker spitball.

You can shoot when using suit zoom (Like beta)

The main menu now has the beta style look (Imgur)

Muzzle flashlighting has now been fixed


Thats it folk's

Someone named Bruno is sort of helping mostly with the code

Bruno: AngelBruni - Mod DB

EDIT: Improving the beta is hard and time consuming. And we have our own life too so after a discussion for 10 minutes we have agreed that working like i originally intended to.

Fixing up the missing entities and porting over the 2003 maps on the 2013 source engine.

so you can play on an stable engine and create your own mods.

So to sum it all up

1 map pack is going to be the fixed 2003 maps so you can play like identically like in the 2003 beta

2 map pack coming later is going to be improved maps with new parts added to them and maybe a citadel too?

Stay tuned!


i think this will be my new favorit mod of the dacead

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