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Some words I want to share with you about the custom "story"...

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First of all: Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, I am no native English speaker :)

Hello dear reader!

These are my final words on the custom "story" and I want to close this chapter once and for all.

I was so excited when I first started the mod.
"Finally my dream shall come true! Creating something people like!"

Well, after I've been getting comments telling me that the "story" is way too short and that it wasn't scary at all, I thought to myself: "It's in alpha state right now, so nothing too special..." and I shrugged it off with that.

Now, after a few years after I said "DEVELOPMENT STOPPED!!!..." I still don't think that I would be able to create an awesome custom story.
I stopped practicing and forgot how to create events and mechanics with HPScript.
So I still don't think that this custom "story" will be revived one day, just laying here... rotting away like forgotton organic mass...

So this is the true ending to this story, it's a sad one (to me) but it was fun in the beginning nonetheless...

Hope you stick around for... something else... maybe...

Yours truly, ShadowOF1911.


If I would be you I would try to create a new cs with new ideas etc.
Don't give up! At least try from the start again and release as a FULL CS. After that I bet you learned more than ever.
Lots Of Love!

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