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Here's some info about the new tech tree and what will be done next for the mod.

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The image you can see on this page represents the Tech Tree the Red Star mod will have in the beta 1 release. It is not final, since more structures will be added for Allies and Empire.The Soviet build order should remain so in the final version, but the Allied and Empire one may suffer more changes once new structures will be included.I'm currently working on the first beta version.So far, the following additional changes have been applied:- Soviet Bunker buildable from Soviet ConYard
- Added buildability range for Empire ConYard
- All defensive turrets are now promotable

- Implemented crate system
Crates can give you the following:
- King Oni
- Apocalypse Tank
- Mirage Tank
- Rail Artillery
- Prism Artillery
- Tesla Tank
- MCV (All 3 types)
- Map Reveal
- Bomb
- Vacuum Implosion
- Healing
- Veterancy
- Credits- Soviet Hammer Tank Leech Beam can assimilate weapons from base defenses
- New UI implemented (that allows 4 rows of buildable units)
After the beta 1 will be released, I'll start to work support powers and on adding new units.


Thx alot

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I love the crate system!!!!

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