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Oh my! Red Skulls is just a few moments away from being complete! Isn't this exciting? Soon, I'll be working on the Earth's Saviors-- finally!

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I'm so excited that I'm done with most that I can do with Red Skulls already!

All tech trees have their necessary units now(for the most part).

However, there's still some ways to go!


  • Cutezome/Red Skulls Infantry -- 95% done
  • Bellik-OS/Drone Factory
  • Raizen Installation/Early Tech Building
  • Research Centre/Late Tech Building
  • Drone-related Defense Systems
  • Upgrades
  • GUI Stuffs for Red Skulls

Now. With me proceeding onto one faction to the other, it doesn't necessarily mean, I wont be working on the previous factions-- In fact, I'm actually thinking of adding some units for Angel Wings. Same goes for Red Skulls as I move on to work on Earth's Saviors.

Earth's Saviors is the third faction of this conflict, these are people who value Earth so much, that they would not give it up since its the only world for them. They think they can save Earth from Biological Eradication- and they try to make it so... No matter... How... Shady... It gets...

The Art direction for their arsenal will be Zeerust(look it up in tvtropes)-- they're practically are GLA only with more modern weaponry.

Their color palletes will be yellow and brown, I suppose.

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