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The premise and backstory of RA - Unplugged. Following the events of the Soviet victory over the Allies in Command & Conquer: Red Alert (1996).

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Mission Campaigns

Following the story of Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Having delivered the fate of modern Europe between two political superpowers instead of three, Einstein's meddling with time and space had proved itself equally detrimental to the peace and security of the European nation states now threatened with the total domination of the continental Soviet Union. With the Allies leadership in exile and Einstein back on U.S. soil the West witnessed its greatest defeat having its European territory overtaken in full in just under 18 months since the start of the Soviet military campaign.

With no practical recourse the Allies leadership sought to formally surrender through diplomatic channels of the United States which never had any formal deceleration of war with the Soviet Union. To the astonishment of the West there was no immediate means of contact with the Soviet governorship as its communist party leaders had been wiped out and mysteriously disappeared, including the Soviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin, leaving a gaping hole in the geopolitical power map with one of its superpowers ruled by a nameless bureaucracy and supposedly overseen by a few agents unknown to the West or any other power.

With the potency of destructive power resting within the Soviet Union and its rulers now shrouded with mystery and unknown intent the United States saw no other alternative to wage open warfare with this hollow beast and with that precluded all hope to avoid the cataclysm unleashed by the military stock possessed by the two superpowers.

Present day

Bearing witness to this doomsday scenario spinning out of control is Einstein, being the singular cause of the unfolding events and carrying the responsibility of the possible demise of human civilization. In an unprecedented move, Einstein confronts the leadership of the United States with the truth of the matter, his original sin that unfolded a new reality upon history, replacing one human tragedy with another. Grasping with the fact that the play of history has fallen to the whim of only one man, the United States and its exiled allies quickly decides and demands that he do it again. Only this time, instead of eliminating the far past, we bring the last remnants of the Allies forces back on the European continent with one swift stroke, testing the resolution of the new continental Soviet Union!

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