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An overview of what happened in the mod during the month of August.

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It's that time of the month again, Synergy followers! This month we don't have as much to show off as last month, mostly because it was stuff we can't really show off easily as a fair amount of work done has been unit coding, though they still lack art, that being said we do have a handful of new goodies!

Firstly, we have the "Ravager" class attack trike.

Scaled Units Scaled Units

Recently we have also been working on the Legion main battle tank, the "Whiplash" Light tank!

Whiplash Render Whiplash and Deployed Whiplash Ingame

We also feel that we have enough to present to you some gameplay, a 1v1 match on Infinity Isle! Apologies for the lack of audio.
SighNapse: Purple, Psychic Legion
Huhnu: Orange, Empire of the Rising Sun

And now we have also got another video for your entertainment. This is between the Psychic Legion and Allies!

With High School(Huhnu) and College(SighNapse) gearing up again, we will have less time to develop this mod, however WE WILL NOT DIE as a result. Just don't expect as many updates.

Before term starts however, I will attempt to do at least one more vehicle, indeed it has already been modeled and is awaiting a skin! The Chaos Drone.

The Chaos Drone is Tier 1 Support Unit built from the Industrial Factory. It has no primary weapon but it's secondary is to deploy into a Hub building that, in a radius around it, grants higher Rate of Fire to units(and the deployed Whiplash Tank). It also nerfs enemy units to move slower.

To close this month's update, I have recently been working on a small archive where all of my (SighNapse's) model and skin renders will be viewable. Though not specific to Synergy this site will have all the Synergy renders posted in it's own section! A link will be posted when it is done! Also we will keep you updated in regards to our place at the Paradox Wiki which currently has a mostly complete technology list, though we are still working on the individual pages.

And one last note, Huhnu has gone through a name change, and is now R3ven.

tanker94 - - 27 comments

awesome video and summary!!!!

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feillyne Staff
feillyne - - 5,816 comments

Nicely done, at least up to the present. ;-)

BTW, you can change YouTube video to that of ModDB one, uploaded here. Unless you'd like to increase its popularity on YT. :-)

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KIDD1991 - - 126 comments

im curious,are they going to be new stuff for the 3factions in this mod?

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R3ven Author
R3ven - - 2,022 comments


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KIDD1991 - - 126 comments

sweet making sure

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KIDD1991 - - 126 comments

oh and one more thing is there going to be a website or not

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KIDD1991 - - 126 comments

even better and it works for me

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