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I NEED YOU PEOPLE, NEED YOUR POWER!! just a little (lol) post to ask for your help. Thank you kindly read everything :)

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Hello everyone,

since I'm currently single (unmarried and at the same time, mouahahahJust kidding xD) hum hum, I was saying, single in this project, so I need people with expertise in the field of video games.

I introduce myself, I am French 19 year old student in higher studies, in studies that have absolutely nothing to do with video games, my sad regret.

I always wanted to create a video game so a bit of what already exists.

Seraph end of the manga, is a shonen manga type, which gave me tremendous idea. That said, the game will be based on the manga but will not be a true copy. At least thereafter. (you have to start with heins bases)

I know modeled on MODO fairly new software, but software that has potential, having already tried 3DsMax and Maya.

Therefore, let's be honest, it is impossible for me to make a game myself. I suggest you ask your applications or by private message or by comment. I do not necessarily demand of professionals!

As said in the description of the game, the game will be on the unreal engine (now free). So, I need someone knowing use it properly.
It would take a programmer too, is surely the point that I know absolutely nothing.
a modeler would be welcome too, simply because making a map (open world) alone may be long.
Someone knowing how the concept art could be cool.
hmm what else ... oh yes also, someone who knows how to make textures including 3D textures, and responsible for all that is sound. And of course anyone wanting help.

I think it will be not bad.

In any case the project does not cancel, to be clear, but take the time it will take.

Thank you in advance for your applications and your interest in this little dream, I await you!

ah and sorry for my english hein :)


chocoto Author

nobody? ^^

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i just realize that i was invited (lol)
i didn't check my email for one month so... yeah :v

The truth is, i still kind of feeling bad for my draw. That's why i was kind of doubt with my draw

Anyway, i'm gonna send my drawing as fast as possible

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chocoto Author

the project change man have a look to see ^^ this is more personnal

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