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Alright, Many people with mods are searching for recruits, As the owner of this fan club im creating a Recruitment Center we're everyone with modificational talent can write a post we're that person is looking for a job.

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This is what you need to answer when your posting, and hopefully someone will want you for they're mod.

1. Your Age?

2. What is your Country?

3. Any known disability?

4. Your talent? ( It could be beta tester, Modeller etc. )

5. Your in real name?

6. Write what mod you would be interested in working with and why.

If you do anything else then answer these questions, Your post will be deleted.

Gefr.Grün Author
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Write in the comment's if your looking for a job.

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Gefr.Grün Author
Gefr.Grün - - 320 comments

Here's a example:

1. 23

2. Sweden


4. Layout artist

5. Jonathan

6. I would like to work with anything realistic.

This is just an example not a post.

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Gefr.Grün Author
Gefr.Grün - - 320 comments

A remainder, This recruitment center is to be used, If not, I'm deleting it, or I'll ask someone with authourity to put it on the Forum.

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Gefr.Grün Author
Gefr.Grün - - 320 comments

This thread will go to the forum if no posts have been made in ETA 3 days, due to inactivity.

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