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A brief summary of what has happened and why things have been delayed.

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This is less of an update, more of a blog post. I lost three family members and a close friend this year, all in the last two months - so modding has been far from my mind. While I thought I could be busy constantly, with working ten hours a day six hours a week then on my day off powering through modding as if nothing had happened, that simply didn't work. I overestimated, as I always do - but after a few weeks of dealing with things (hence the total absence of anything on this page) I'm ready to get into the swing of things utterly.

But one thing I did realise, is with Gorb being as busy as he is, more team members are needed. So if you feel you can help in any capacity (except beta testing) please send me a message.

- H

petroschkaa - - 75 comments

My condolences, I think we can wait.

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Calgar - - 2,304 comments

Dude its your mod, take as much time as you want. We're not going anywhere soon.

Wish I had something to say to express how sorry I am, but any words of mine wouldn't convay it well enough.

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Lord_Cylarne - - 7,166 comments

I am in shock. Why does a good person such as you deserve such cruelty?

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RT2... - - 3,305 comments

Brother, remember life wins every time.
We can wait as mentioned above, life is important.

You are attempting a unique area of 40k, which has few participants in its gaming rule set.
When the developers turn up with knowledge, grab at them and do not let them go. :) Which reminds me about your forum and any knowledge could be assistful and help with adding to the overall fun of the mod. Basically like UA did.

As with all of us, we all get busy helping everyone else get that little bit further in modding.
And then there is life. "damn it all!"

"Slow and steady wins the race."

Be safe. :)

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littlenobull - - 143 comments

Do you need decals?

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moddlord1 - - 11,188 comments

sorry to hear this, try to be strong life can be very hard i know.

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