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Talks about rethinking how the mod is and possible changes in gameplay.

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So I was thinking of merging all subfactions into one 'main' faction.

Utilizing Generals Powers:
-It shows the Tech Trees the player wants to have.
Angel Wings:
--Hovercrafts and Lasers
--Helicopters and Missiles
--Jets and Anti-Air
Red Skulls:
--Mechanized Forces
--Drone Combat
--Heavy Weapons
Earth's Saviors:
--Warplanes and Airships
--Effecient Technology

-The player can have multiple Tech Trees.
-Player can have all tech trees.
-General's Points will be used.

This is gives me more room to insert various special factions(normally unplayable factions).
AI is the major concern however.

Random Stuff:
-Laser Turret 2.0
-Photon Cannon
-Hale Missile System
-EMP Firebase
-110mm Autocannon
-Flak Base
-Acupuncture Storm
-Sub bomb MOAB strike
-Dreadnought Factory
-Gauss Cannon
-AA Nest
-Drone Improvement Facility
-Drone Tower
-Fire Cannon
-Shell Cannon
-Super Bunker

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