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Introducing the new total conversion mod for CnC Zero Hour. Recolonize Mod.

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The Background:
Recolonize is about the future where human are nearly extinction beacuse hunted by robot army lead by a berserk AI from a military research in the near future(the reseach team killed by the robot army). The human technology is not futuristic because of the situation that computer technologies hacked by the AI and being unusable.

The Factions:
There are two factions in Recolonize mod. Humans and Drones.

- Humans uses a variety of specialized units that most are infantry. They are forced to use conventional weapons like bullets, cannons, flamethrowers, etc. The future weapons can't be used. However, they somehow managed to mass produce the heavy assault armor to continue survive and fight the drones.
- Drones uses a few, but strong and multipurposes units. They're all mechanical units controlled by one central AI, only looks for objectives and great coordination that makes humans cannot stand against them. They have many kind of mechs from humanoid, shapeshifter, bird-like copter, to a dragon-like heavy mech.

1. Build System.
- Humans builds their structures by a worker team that lead by an engineer. It's same as the common RTS build system, CnC Generals Dozer system. Their build system flexibility allowing them to build anywhere.
- Drones uses a central building that can be packed into a vehicle, like Classic CnC ConstructionYard/MCV system. But the difference is it's "click-place-build", not "click-build-place". Drones only can build in limited places, thay can't build too far from their central buildings.

2. Unit management.
Both factions only can build limited amount of units, Human units require population and Drones needs powers to be built.
- If Humans are overpopulated they can't build more units and their production slowed down.
- If Drones are low-powered their units are disabled and the production slowed down.
But you can keep increasing the build limit by constructing more Supply Depot or Reactors. There also some tech buildings scattered around the battlefield to sightly increase the build limit. So there is no real limitation to build as much as you can build.

3. Resources.
In this mod resources can be gathered from two kind of resources, but both still converted as credits money. There are some Mines that contains many resources but can be depleted, and mineral fields that have small resources but regenerate every a while.
- Humans have a refinery structure that works as a drop-off point of their armed heavy miners.
- Drones have a refinery structure that works as a drop-off point of small, flying, resource gatherer drones. The structure built by a deployable vehicle and can be upgraded with a defenses weapon.

Visit this mod profile page.

We are still recruiting! NProductions is looking for:
- Art Designer (making logo, cameos, wallpaper, etc.)
- Modeler
- Skinner
- Sound Artist (making music, voices, etc.)
- Script Writer (for unit profiles, storyline, etc.)


Nice gameplay summary here guys. It sure got me interested in the mod. :)

Sounds A LOT more orignal than most mods I've played.

Keep up the regular models and I garuntee you'll keep roping in the fans. :P

- Sam

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n5p29 Author

Thanks for the comment :)
It's still the basic gameplay, there will be more details of the mod's gameplay in the future.

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