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2nd Dec. 2015

Fixed a bug that particle system bound to player emitted particles at random place when player are in first-view. include burning player and disguies smoke.

Added smoke and spark effect for guns.


Optimized flamethrower's network code to make it feel better when shooting.

16th Nov. 2015

fixed a bug that client crash with fatal error "Mod_Extradata: caching failed" when server changelevel or restarting.

fixed a bug in tracer particle's code. the tracer moves more smoothly now.

15th Nov. 2015

fixed a bug that combat damage text is sometimes rendered with wrong textures.

support disable the autoreload and combat damage text:

setinfo _cl_hitdamage 0
setinfo _cl_autoreload 0

combat damage text with a critical / mini-crit is now 300% / 200% larger than normal.

combat damage value can be accumulated if they are done in a short time and by one player.


new domination / revenge / building destruction / object notice


add an useless shockwave particle effect to the mid-air explosion.


14th Nov. 2015

fixed an issue that the glow particle emitted when stickybomb is defused is too small.

fixed an array out of bound error in server code which may crash the server.

fixed a bug that the deflected rocket didn't change the angles when get deflected by airblast.

fixed a bug that the mini-crit shows a critical text

12th Nov. 2015

all hitscan gun 's accuracy ++, includes scattergun, pistol, shotgun, minigun, revolver, smg

fixed a bug that flamethrower crashed the server

fixed a bug that flamethrower emitted flame particles in the wrong direction

players will no longer collide with pipebomb or stickybomb, but pipebomb or stickybomb still collide with players. that means players can not be stuck in bomb entities or stand on them, but the bomb is still able to get bounced or get detonated when hit players.

removed the collision between each projectiles (pipebomb, stickybomb, syringegun's nail, rocket, sentry rocket...).

yoracxcraft - - 34 comments

Rip It's 2019, I think this mod is dead

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Thiagox. - - 4 comments

so bad this mod is amazing

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Guest - - 688,827 comments

yora check the latest post on the main page, the dev doesnt have enough time to finish it so hes uploaded the source code so that someone else can, maybe one day someone will pick the project up

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