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I just thought i would let you guys know all that has changed recently and what i plan to add in the near future for Tubular Tank Tactician.

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I apologize for the lack of updates in the last few weeks. I am still working on it. I have just completed the latest build and should be up within a day or so. I also just finished a 30 second FRAPS video showing some gameplay and that should also be up soon

Here is a basic changelist for the most recent 2 updates

  • Created explosion effect
  • fixed glitch that would allow you to shoot into the enemy spawn
  • reworked how death is handled. Most spawning issues should now be fixed
  • Started work on retexturing the game. I tried to give the map a slightly isometric feel. I will work on it piece by piece until it looks okay
  • reworked first map to fix another stalemate possibility
  • Removed clipping in spawn to prevent units getting stuck when spawning on top of eachother
  • Added failsafe to fix the rare glitch of a unit not spawning
  • Temporarily took down map #2. It will be back soon
  • Slightly reduced speed nerf of flag carrier

In the next few updates I have several new features I would like to implement such as

  • TF2 style flag drop system in which the flag remains where the carrier was killed for about 30 seconds
  • Put out the first deathmatch and king of the hill maps
  • Add advanced style of movement in which you can move more than one of your units at the same time. I believe this would greatly increase the skill ceiling.
  • Possibly have colliding bullets cancel eachother out. I will have to test it and see how it affects gameplay.
  • Start actually texturing the maps instead of having everything be green. =)
  • Start adding sound effects and music

If you have any other suggestions please tell me.

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