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Know the new way taken for the game. The gravity is still the protagonist and now the universe will test you.

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When I designed Universal Law was thinking about stars, black holes, neutron stars... Well, sincerely I thought an abstract style at first with neon and so on, but later I gave a 'real' style to the game with the gravity as a way that have the player to control the ball (white dwarf).

Blackhole accretion disk and supernova

Ok, the stars born and die, black holes appears and disappears, but what now? I had planned add more games modes aside the main 'arcade' mode but trying to simulate the behavior of stars, blackholes and so on I feel it that somewhat limited, so I've relaxed that. I don't pretend make a simulation of the universe.

Rebuild of Universal Law

There are now a gravitational well, a ball, and orbs. And I've a introduced a new game mechanic: the 'laws'; The game will have two parts, a 'main mode' and 'law mode' (even the 'main mode' is a law by itself). During the main mode the player will get orbs to earn time for the next phase, a law. A law, goal, can being resolve a mathematical operation, or touch a orb with a value or whatever. If you succeeded the law the time for main mode will decrease and you will earn a lot of points, in return if you fail the time increase for the main mode and you will earn less points.

If all the laws are solved then level is increased and a new level will be introduced among the last ones.

Rebuild of Universal Law

Also I've changed a few things related with the mechanics. The first one is the universe is now boundless. With this, for example, if the ball is out of screen at right will appear at the left of screen. Plus, the game is over only whether the main mode time exceed certain amount or the ball falls into the gravitational well (or blackhole).

A feature I have planned is add animated backgrounds. The previous versions of the game had a static background and was a bit boring.

With all this I hope do a better game.

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