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It has been like 6 months since my last update, so it's probably about time I do something about that.

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Hello guys,

It's been a long time (like, half a year) since I last posted an update on the status of this game. And you know why?

I pretty much forgot about it.

I have left my game development hobby alone for quite some time now as school has become more of a beast, developing other hobbies and working on some other coding projects with friends. But now, I am (probably) done with this hiatus.

(And hopefully, most of you are pissed, because that means you are healthily sane)

But, I can't just return to this project after so long!

So that's why I am reworking the game. Project Volliod is being shut down and will live on in Project Insert Name Here. It will be a similar concept to this game, but I think I want to go down more of a hand-to-hand combat sim route.

Really, Volliod got off on a bad start. I jumped the gun far too early (pre-alpha testing! lol!) and tried to complete it by myself with average at best game development skills.

But now, I have had time to develop those skills, and I will be gathering up a team of friends to work on this project with as well as some possible partnerships. I am returning to the studio, and I'm not coming back out without a playable Early Access alpha.

I'd also like to say that you are amazing. Granted, you probably forgot about Volliod too, but I have never had a following before, and I find it mind-blowing that someone could look at a collection of my crappy screenshots of my crappy models, and think that my crappy game is worth their time. Thank you.

So hang in there, fellas. It may be a little while before I come back, but I promise that when I do, I will have your game.

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