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Rebirth just released its first Trailer! It features footage shot entirely created during gameplay, this means its all 100% things you will see in the game!

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The trailer is entirely made up of in game gameplay footage, so please forgive the unpolished visuals and sounds in certain areas. Also keep in mind that the game is Pre-Alpha, which means the trailer does not show all the features and gameplay the final game will feature. This trailer was created in response to community feedback, asking for video footage for our game.

Please enjoy, and give us your thoughts!!

You can see in the trailer that we have also taken to heart community feedback, as stated in all my prior communications. We had a lot of fans asking to have a First Person Camera in the game. After considering it, I agreed this would be a good addition, but decided that if we’re going to do a first person camera to help with immersion… well, it only makes sense to have be truly first person, right?

So take a peek at the footage and you will notice our Full Body Awareness system. Look down and you see your body. This includes attachments (you can spot the light clipped to your belt in the trailer when you look down). I also have plans to tightly integrate this system into gameplay, so things like checking your health, stamina, and hunger, are all done using in game cues or visuals, rather than a HUD.


Cool trailer! Looks like a very good game

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Looks scary as sh*t!

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Hah, can't wait to lay my hands on this.
Looks intense, very atmospheric.

Though at first glance in the first few seconds a little bland.
Perhaps it's an idea to let an 'architect' take a look at some of the street surroundings and make the cities a little more lively.

Switching off random sounds should be a welcome addition too, else it might get repetitive.

For a pre-alpha, it looks better than average. Way better.

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