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Just a little brief info about Madman Games and Realms VR

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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd post here to let you know about Madman Games.

Madman Games is Me RattlerCreed & DarkEssence. I'm an indie games developer who has been making games as a hobby for many years (None ever released). I enjoy many game genres but decided to try my hand at making a VR game, And long and behold Realms VR was born. With the help of my cousin DarkEssence, The man with many ideas, But lacks the programming skills to put them onto your VR headsets, So we joined forces to Make Realms VR.

We have spent every waking free moment on Realms VR and will continue to as we move forward.

We have a lot of ideas and plans to add to the game over its lifetime (forever we hope :D), We also hope for the community to add their Ideas so we can improve the game to all its might and glory.

Experience a variety of different worlds whilst racing or fighting online through time and space.

Over 30 levels
Continuously growing Realms to explore including currently The Wild West, Vikings, Future, Pirates and Modern Times.

Steal, Shoot / Fight or Race other players in a variety of game modes within the ever expanding Realms VR Universe.

Game Modes Include

Race - Race through levels based on different Realms while trying to dodge obstacles unique to each timeline.

Rumble - Engage with up to 8 players to achieve the highest score in the allotted time using special Realm based weapons ranging from axes to laser rifles.

Rumble Squads - Work as a team to defeat the enemy to the chosen score limit in your desired Realm

Steal ‘em - Compete against 4 players to obtain the highest score by locating and storing the Realm items in your home base. Be sure to search your enemies bases as they may have hidden the higher priced loot.

Loop - Mix it up with a randomised experience and play between Race & Rumble (Steal ‘em also included when 4 players are in lobby)

Waves - New for Halloween but here to stay. Fight a hordes of zombies in the NEW horror map. We plan on creating new Waves based on each realm with different Enemies. 4 player co-op.

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