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Introducing the new free game for android, Really Peas.

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Welcome to the world of "Really Peas"! In this Android game you must manage our hero pea,
which begins with a mild amnesia and must solve the riddle of the island that lives to regain consciousness.
It counts with the help of a faithful servant who will advise you along the way.

You can live many adventures defeating users and guardians who protect the castle for it, patchwork
a multitude of games "Ball Head" with any object that you meet along the way. But beware!
enemies are endowed with different powers that go along figuring out the game and have to find
its weak point, some of them have never been defeated. Still not you surrender? Okay.

As if that were not enough, who finished the story mode will start collecting the various lost objects
throne "Really Peas' in a nice variant of the game, in this case will be by tournament.

The game consists of an alternative scenario and secret that will definitely put as little creeps.

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<"Who are we?">
Rather, Who I am I ?, I developed this game (javimovi) thanks to Unity3D program.

I am a student of Computer Engineering Degree of Granada. Whenever you wonder how you can
contribute their bit in this world gamer, so I hope that this game "home" prove them
entertaining and of course I am available and I love to receive any kind of opinion.

<"How I came?">
In my view, this game is a summary of my Gamer tastes like a cross between a game of "head shot"
a game with its history and achievements to develop that is interesting and not too heavy user and
with a touch of anime characters that comes to be more interesting than if they were characters
more humanized, for example.

Image 3

<"Where he stands?">
Without a doubt its difficulty. But not at the level of frustration, if not personal challenge, since this
game offers an improved level of skill and mental speed of each, because overcoming
the obstacles. You definitely get all celebrate the achievements offered by this game.

<"In general aspects">
Really Peas is an adventure game and sport that takes us into a world full of challenges and discover
fantastic characters. The drawings are childish and simple, with a design reminiscent of the anime. Handling Game is based on three buttons and two-way jump.

It has various scenarios and with over 30 different models of different size balls to make our
more entertaining matches. 7 rivals characters, this game offers many combinations and alternatives for
heading, since every character brings his unique character and special power that will be a puzzle
to overcome it.

Image 6

Also noteworthy is that we have the option to play custom games, choosing any character both rival
as its own and of course we can choose between different scenarios.

Music makes the adventure more bearable, but the graphics may improve but I do not take away this game entertainment. With a simple design that makes you not miss by this application and helps to learn to play your assistant level in history.

Really Peas is available for Android and totally free (0 €), is what was missing to finish convince you. And we should add that is available in 11 languages ​​!.

Enjoy and develop your skills, this is your game !.

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