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More realistic sights and the ability to mantle over obstacles are the biggest additions to Rendroc's WarZone for Brothers in Arms. Also: more bug fixes, more customization options, and more blood, of course.

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Hey, Kids! Let's take a look at what Professor Rendroc has cooked up for you in the latest WarZone mod update (v4.24) for Brothers in Arms, everyone's favorite tactical WWII FPS. Download it now!

Realistic Sights

What's with most FPS games and the goofy aiming they've got? I mean, seriously, do real soldiers run around with their weapons taped to their faces? No!

If you've ever held a rifle in real life, you'd know instantly the rifle and your head move independently, because the rifle is in your hands, not strapped on your head. Iron sights are great, and sway is certainly some progress towards realism, but let's look at a better way for BiA, with the new RealSights mutator:

With the RealSights mutator, as in real life, your focus or view does not sway or change as if your head was moving around. Rather, the weapon is what sways, due to involuntary muscle contractions, breathing, heartrate, and so on.

For iron sights, you will get a sense of how to shoot based on what is called "sight picture". Both the rear sights and forward sights should be aligned for the best accuracy.

You will also get a feel for the weight of each weapon, especially heavier weapons like the BAR and Panzerfaust. Scoped weapons will also vary in a more realistic fashion.

Was that boring for you? Well, just try it, I'm telling you it's better than the regular aiming.


Picture this: you are fighting one of the most important battles in history, pushing your way into the heart of Normandy, pasting the enemy left and right, when you're stopped in your tracks by one of the most impenetrable obstacles imaginable: a two foot high mound of dirt.

What? Come on, what the hell was all that Basic Training for, anyway?! Well, now with the CommandMod, no obstacle (ahem, of reasonable height) will stand in your way, not even the hood of an Opel:

Nifty? Yes, I concur.

More Cool Things

  • Add an insane amount soldiers to MP (BloodZoneMP)
  • Improved some visual stuff like getting knocked down with tank explosions and flinching from getting hit or bullets passing nearby
  • Improved Maneuver Under Cover order: they are very quiet now, shhhh
  • New CustomWeapons settings for suppression and damage
  • Customize your Multiplayer times and lives (ExtendMPTime, MoreLivesMP, NoLivesMP)
  • A bunch of bug fixes like chapter intros and CommandMod in MP games

Now, it's WarZone 4.24! Let's download this thing!

zeldar - - 167 comments

Brb, reinstalling EiB.

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UkrainaGuy1111 - - 492 comments

Why do I delete my game from my computer when 1 month later, This mod releases a patch.. Happens every time.

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Rendroc Author
Rendroc - - 162 comments

My advice to you, sir, is NEVER UNINSTALL THIS GAME. Heh.

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djibe89 - - 280 comments

Very Nice

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Guest - - 695,358 comments

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Guest - - 695,358 comments

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