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New things including L85 re-animations, new gun sounds.

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List of content:
-SIMRAD Voice Over when using (Marking target, lasing target!)
-A10 new GAU-8 firing sound and recoil
-New smoke grenade effect (will be more bright)
-New XLarge explosion effect
-Helicopter warm-up and handling tweaked (this forces bots to teamwork :) )
-New minigun sounds
-G3A3 new sound
-New SU39 gun sound
-New L85A1 Ironsight with animations and sound
-New two-level destruction of destructible barrier (YAY!)
Destructible barrier will have its wreck collision mesh edited, as it uses the healthy one and allows you to hide behind that barrier even if it's partially destroyed.

Thanks to Void, who told me about lag while smoke grenade is thrown and who is now a real part of the team. Void handles mostly AI and coding stuff, he also made ESAI.

Possible release date: 13.08.2011, year after first release.

Thanks for attention.

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