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Levels are uploaded, finally no need to download 100 parts :)

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This small mappack contains:
-Gulf of Oman (by BFSPAll64 team, edited to suite RM's needs) - Features paratrooper kits of US and a pilot kit for MEC (Parachutes are removed from all the regular kits except for Engineer, BTW). Coop 64 Mode is the most realistic scenario. Tanks and jets spawn after 10 minutes, APCs after 5.
-Kubra Dam (BFSPAll64)
-Mashtuur City (BFSPAll64)
-Sharqi Peninsula (BFSPAll64)
-Strike at Karkand (BFSPAll64)
-Warlord (from Special Forces), Insurgents vs. USMC
-Zatar Wetlands (BFSPAll64, edited) - US has paratrooper kits.

Well, I'm sorry I forgot to add Op. Road Rage, but I'll upload it with core (coming in a few days, not on 13.08 because I'm out of town, but sooner)

Download link:


Sorry, this file is no longer available. It may have been deleted by the uploader, or has expired.

This error is usually caused by requesting a file that does not exist.

put a new link if you please

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