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Updates on what to expect coming up for the Reaction mod, including both some potentially drastic changes, and an outreach to the community on improving the game further.

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First and foremost, I'd like to thank the major outpour of hits and downloads that we got from the first week of release! We got up to rank 3 at the highest, which is about 5000 spots higher than expected... honestly! I hope that it was up to most of your standards (can't please everyone!), and all of your suggestions have been duly noted. However, I'd like to push those that played through the game further for even more ideas on where we can focus our game. There are two main questions I have:

1) Would anyone prefer Reaction as a HL2MP mod instead of single-player?
2) If we changed the enemy AI, would that change your decision?

Obviously changing the enemy AI is a more daunting task. There is a good reason for it though, and in part because of the initial feedback we got from Valve when we visited their booth at GDC. Putting together a fully functional single player mod means a lot more in terms of the level design and pacing part of games than would a MP mod, even if it means more work and thinking (oh, thinking!).

I realize I haven't really addressed much on the art/design front; this is mostly left for us to convene with first. I'll be honest, we haven't made much headway on getting the game moving along artistically and to be honest, I don't know who among our current artists will have time to work on it. In the event we are more tied down than we want to be, be on the lookout for the job board!

Also, I was surprised that I only received one real issue with the install so far -- on Vista, it turns out that the installer doesn't look for Steam/steamapps because of a user-privilege issue. Has anyone run into problems outside of that?

Your comments and answers will be appreciated!



I want a singleplayer part and I want the AI be harder than the original HL 2 I ahve not test the version you have put on download.

But I think this will be nice.

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make it afull mod a story guns

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