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Presumably this weekend i'll upload the new version of this mod. It will be the final release.

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I'm proud to presend you the final release notes from the new version 1.3 of my Republic Commando Side Mod.

One of the big new features is the galactic conquest. You'll be able to play an galactic conquest with the commandos. There is a little problem with the inofficial v1.3 patch that only allows one custom GC at once. I worked together with Zerted on this problem and solved it for my mod. So my galactic conquest mod is compatible with any other custom gc scripts with an lower script number. Therefore i have two version munged. One with the number 5 and one with 12. 12 does only work if you have an script with the number 11 installed (e.g. DT).

The new version comes with an BF1 Map Support. To support a map or map pack i need the source scripts. I got these from Marvel4. So i hope you understand that only theses BF1 maps are supported.
To enable the BF1 support you need to put the ZRC folder in your addon folder, too. You won't need this folder if you don't have the BF1 maps.
The support includes the galactic conquest. So if you have one or more BF1 maps in your addon directory they will be added to the gc and are choosen random. Besides this, Rhen Var and Bespin - subject to the condition that one map of the world is installed - will be available as a new planet in the GC.

Furthermore there will be a couple of new gamemods such as TDM or CTF

I know there are a lot of other things that can be changed or added, but if there are no game crash errors this will be the final version.

v1.3 changelog

  • galactic conquest
  • CTF missions (Death Star, Polis Massa, Tantive IV)
  • TDM missions (Coruscant, Death Star, Geonosis, Jabba's Palace,Kamino, Kashyyyk, Mos Eisley, Mustafar, Naboo, Tantive IV)
  • Marvel4's BF1 Conversion Pack (1.1) support
  • space maps support
  • added new pilot class
  • added new airborn class
  • new pistol fp animation
  • new sbd hit 3p animation
  • vibro attack value improvments
  • z-6: add ammo, new weapon model, new spread
  • e-web new firesound, more damage
  • e-staff: reduce push
  • sonic rifle/pistol: reduce shake
  • blunderbuss: reduce push, more damage
  • geo wing animation: fixed one frame, swapped animation
  • magnaguard slown down
  • custom FPMs for republic space fighters
  • remove trando sprint blur
  • arc170 with 3 positions
  • snowspeeder new FPMs
  • HUD icon fix for vehicles
  • add helmet for mandos
  • fixed personal and career screen


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Will the commando voices have an option to be in English?

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[GT]Anakin Author

No the voices are not setup as VO but as sound effects. So for example the grenade warning is the grenade fire sound. As far as i know it is impossible to change the firesounds depending on the selected language. Furthermore i don't have the english streams.

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looking forward to it

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Can't wait for the update/patch, love your mod. :3

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