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This is a random update on what's been going on lately.

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In short, I've been lazy. I been trying to think of different ways of creating the AI without actually doing them. So, as of this moment, the Hutt AI will be taking a back seat. I will still work on their AI slightly, but as of right now, I'm going to leave them as just a powerful faction that does nothing. With that being said, I'm creating two newish factions. Sort of, the Rebellion Extremists, and the Empire Extremists. These two new factions are more aggressive, more focused, and a lot more deadly. Their units are significantly stronger, but they lack heroes. By lack, I mean they only get one each. Kyle Kartan and Admiral Thrawn (Because I feel like it) are going to the faction leaders of these factions. They will not be allied with the original Rebellion nor Empire and will be deadly.
I have plans for the future to possibly add factions for specific planets. For example, the planet of Naboo can have the faction "Naboo" which will have Gungan Warriors, and the Naboo Police Force that will already inhabit the planet. In order to do that, it's actually very simple. All it would take, like everything else, is time. I should have another patch soon, introducing new balancing issues, as well as most likely the new Rebellion Alliance.

As of this moment, I haven't come up with names for these new factions. So comment below on what you think are good names for these factions.


"Imperial Extremists" sounds better...

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