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Today is release day! Command & Conquer: RAlism's first release is out!

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We have been quiet lately, here, however we have NOT died. Due to several personal complications, including School, and internet access (or a lack therof) updates have been Nigh impossible. Now, however, our work is released. This Tier 1 release contains some unit changes, and also some "Realism Balancing. No longer can a Longbow survive !6! direct hits from anti-air rockets! Tanks are now invulnerable to small arms fire! Theres also many *Other* unit changes we'll leave to you the gamers to discover in due course. Thats pretty much all this update contains. Sorry about the lack of new images, but really, there's no real need for them right now. There have been no real graphical changes as of now.

Otherwise, theres not much else to say. For news post 2, this is Metalmouth741, signing off.

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