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A new gun, new HD skyboxes, and lots of amazing improvements feature in the latest Supply Drop update.

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October 2020: Update for Rainbow Six: 3

Great new gear for singleplayer and multiplayer!

2020's Supply Drop game update is here! Including the new MP5-N as well as HD skyboxes, a ton of bugfixes, and more

To use for singleplayer, make sure you have the latest version of OpenRVS! (The AllR6 MP patch, which includes OpenRVS, is outdated - if you haven't grabbed v1.4 yet make sure you do so.) Download the singleplayer package, and copy the files according to the readme. To use for multiplayer, the server owner must first install the Improved Custom Guns Mod v1.4, then add the Optics mod and weapon packages that they desire. Clients should not install the multiplayer files; they will auto-download when connected to the server.

New additions and changes:

  • MP5-N - the classic R6 workhorse, updated for 2020
  • HD skyboxes - to replace the dated vanilla skies in classic maps
  • Dynamic hip position adjustment - a little bit of gun movement as you move
  • Angled RMR sight - add it alongside your main optic
  • Athena Sword and Iron Wrath campaign integration - now you can play any campaign you'd like, all within Supply Drop
  • FOV support - set your FOV within OpenRVS and it will now work in Supply Drop
  • Scope improvements - REAP-IR aspect ratio for 1080p gamers fixed, Vulcan effectiveness improved, and overall scope positioning tweaked for greater accuracy

Download Link for Singleplayer:

  • Full version (Note: Requires OpenRVS v1.4 or greater)

Supply Drops Singleplayer: October 2020 edition

  • NEW: Patch 1 - recommended for bug fixes

Patch 1 for Supply Drops Singleplayer: Oct 2020

  • Optional HD skyboxes pack

HD Skyboxes pack - for Supply Drop 2020 singleplayer

Download Links for Multiplayer:

  • Requires Improved Custom Guns Mod v1.4!
  • Optics Mod 2020 edition:

Optics Mod - 2020 edition (for multiplayer servers)

  • MP5-N for multiplayer servers:

MP5N SMG for multiplayer servers

  • Improved Custom Guns Mod v1.4:

Improved Custom Guns Mod v1.4

Get involved in the community! For discussion and online coop community, For modding discussion and mod-related community, Team Rainbow.


Awesome, thank you! Can't wait to try these out

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That's hot !!!!

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Hi, I know how to activate angle sight (console: modweapon 1) but I don't know how to switch between optic and angle sight. Can you help me?

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Hi .Twi! Love the mod!
I just got to the end of Mission 8 in the 'Default Raven Shield' Campaign and it skipped to the outro movie and credits at the end rather than the next mission.
I have only had this issue after installing the Oct 2020 Supply Drop update.

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Excellent will attempt to get them up on the servers for community

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