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RAGE:World Eaters Warbands mod updated to 3.0 version.

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RAGE:World Eaters Warbands mod 3.0 !
New version bring us updated World Eaters race!

RAGE 3.0

Updated gameplay and new stuff:

1) New unique Army cap system.
2) New resource system.
3) New abilities.
4) Every single units remade.
5) New researches.
6) New visuals.
7) Updated Voice pack.
8) Most balanced race mod of all time.
and lot of good stuff! KHORNE HIMSELF

Now you can make khornate army of your dream. Mod have unique army cap system that give you possibilities for army construction. For example:
1) Cult horde or Cultists rebelution.

Cultists revolution!

2) Chaos Blood Crusade army.
3) Daemon legions or Daemon invasion\Incursion.
4) Khornate marines siege\assault\crusade.

KCSM army

5) Hell-Forge attack.

Hell-Forge attack

6) Chaos Knight Iconoclast or Infernal Household.

Chaos Knight Infernal Household

7) Dark apostle and his flock.

Dark Apostle

8) Creatures and victims of Surgeon.
9) Khorne Daemonkin warband.
10) Typical Khorne marine army.
and all what can you imagine. (BANELORD TITAN ATTACK)

Thanks to DOW modding community and Voice actors!


The World Eaters are now finally worth of Khorne! \o/

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I can see the tears of tau sympathizers.

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Good job I_Chample

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