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This article is mainly about what the mod is about, and it's progress.

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Hello and welcome to Radical Problems First Article.

The mod itself has been in development ever since year 2018, or so. It's first prototype, which, were mostly maps to mess around, only to figure about Gold Source mechanics and entities, which, to the end, ended up in more than a small map pack that contains just Half-Life 1 basic entities, but ended up into something that comes with more than that.

So, what the mod has achieved ever since 2018.

The mod has been in a long development hiatus, multiple problems and what not came up as I continued working on it, eventually, I get past these trough more or less sense, considering the fact that the engine itself is older than I am, as of what the mod achieved at the moment I speak as of right now, The mod currently has 11 maps, and a total of 3 chapters as we speak, however, these maps will still foreseen revisions, as I might or not be too pleased with their current status, as well as suffering from optimization.

The mod will likely to feature some new content, as seen above already, some new enemies, though, not very far from being familiar with the basic aliens that you already know from the Retail Game.

Level Designing wise, you may encounter Levels that may or not be familiar you you from some place, considering that, of course, there's no Level Designer that doesn't takes inspiration from somewhere, technically impossible.

The mod features new music, and of course, New Scientist lines, voiced by Ayra_c3.

Special thanks to Valve Modding Community and The Whole Half-Life for the given help and/or knowledge in regards to Gold Source Engine, as well as Level Designing and Ideas.


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