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Classic Mode is the pure SHMUP experience! an alternative way to play Radiant LUX following the gameplay conventions of the shooters of old! digital movement, and no shield bar. Your feedback made this happen! :D

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CLASSIC MODE has just been implemented on Radiant LUX. An effort to present an alternative game mode, with gameplay inspired in the classic SHMUPs of the 20th century, in Classic Mode the game is essentially the same, you shoot enemies to level colors, go into portals, et cetera. However, there are major changes in gameplay:

  • 1:1 precision digital movement. Instead of the inertial, physics-based movement of the Original Mode, Classic Mode has tight movement reminiscent of classic SHMUPs.
  • No shield Bar. Your prismal energy in Classic Mode is fickle, and the slightest touch from a hostile source of energy will dissipate your very own accumulated energy back into the prism! Instead of losing shields, now your mistakes cost you your LEVELS! And if you don't have any more energy accumulated to spare, you're GONE, joined fully with the prism for all eternity...
  • Changes in attacks and abilities - To accomodate the fact that classic mode does away with the shield bar, some weapon abilites had to be tweaked. The blue Force Field, as an example, instead of providing a rechargeable aditional shield, protects you from losing power levels one single time before having to recharge. There are more changes to come for Classic Mode, and will be discussed upon implementation.

Sounds exciting? Wait till you see the video! :D

Wait, is that a new background? KEWL

Yea, Radiant LUX is getting another background scenario revamp! This is the first refraction that was remade, the Red refraction. More layers, a better parallaxing movement and some fancy tidbits here and there, did you guys like it? or did the old background stroke more into your hearts?

New Background Comparison

Also, don't forget we are (still) in Steam Greenlight!

Yes, We still need all the votes we can get! VOTE YES for Radiant Lux! all the community's involvement is gonna be very much appreciated. With cookies. And cake. Go there and vote? please? :D THANKS! And also follow us for more updates, and don't forget to throw us a vote for the Greenlight Campaign! Also, please like and share us!

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