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At this news i am presenting the all the four major races and the minor ones too this first is showing off the humans main units that are used at the deafault maps. Tommorow im showing the humans campaign only units.

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Image Gallery:

The Peasant:
Your good old trustful and loyal builder.

 photo Peasant_zps3337c87a.jpg

The Millitia:
You can change your Peasants to Millitia when the need arises.

 photo Millitia_zpsdd71c231.jpg

The Footman:
Yore basic infantry armed with swords.

 photo Footman_zpsc66e2a4b.jpg
The Knight:
Your faithfull knight that serves you till death.

 photo Knight_zps455a28ab.jpg

The Rifleman:
Your basic ranged trooper with blackpowder weaponry.

 photo Rifleman_zps99788713.jpg

The Flying Machine:
A crafty flying contraption made by gnomish engineers.

 photo FlyingMachine_zpsedafc724.jpg

The Gryphon Rider:
Brave dwarwen riders that throw hammers to your enemies.

 photo GryphonRider_zps54e783b8.jpg

The Priest-Reign of chaos version:
Your healer too keep your units alive.

 photo PriestROC_zps8124cdef.jpg

The Priest-Frozen throne version:
Shows the priest in his frozen throne appareance.

 photo PriestTFT_zpsf716542e.jpg

The Sorceress - Reign of Chaos version:
Your support spellcaster.

 photo SorceressROC_zps81f82dc3.jpg

The Sorceress - Frozen Throne version:
Shows the sorceress in her Frozen Throne appearance.

 photo SorcressTFT_zps0b7cf40f.jpg

The Steamtank:
Your siege engine armed with a huge wreckingball perfect too demolish those iritating towers and buildings.

 photo Steamtank_zps3f66186f.jpg

The Siege Engine:
Upgraded siege engine with a main cannon and missile launcher on its back too dislodge enemy flyers.
Warning you can only use the missiles when you buy the upgrade for it.

 photo SiegeEngine_zps681c9043.jpg

The Spell Breaker:
Your advanced support trooper perfect too disrupt those pesky spellcasters.

 photo SpellBreaker_zps11bfff78.jpg

The Dragonhawk rider:
Advanced support flyer with cloud ability to stop your enemies towers from firing.

 photo DragonhawkRider_zpscd57af3a.jpg

Now for the heroes!

The Paladin:
It's abillities are:
Holy Light
Divine Shield
Devotion Aura (passive ability)
Ressurection (ultimate ability)

 photo Paladin_zpsb48b2c39.jpg

The Archmage:
It's abillities are:
Water Elemental
Brilliance Aura (passive ability)
Teleportation (ultimate ability)

Information: Although the Paladins were once loved and revered throughout the lands of Lordaeron, they
have since fallen on hard times. The entire Order of the Silver Hand was disbanded for
refusing to kill innocent townsfolk who were believed to be contaminated by the dreaded
Undead plague. Disenfranchised and driven from their former homes, the Paladins still
work selflessly to protect humanity from the gnawing jaws of evil. Empowered by the
Light, these mighty warriors brandish both warhammer and holy fire in battle against
all who would trample the meek and innocent.

 photo Archmage_zps638cc925.jpg

The Mountain King:
It's abillities are:
Storm Bolt
Thunder Clap
Bash (passive ability)
Avatar (ultimate ability)

Information: Hailing
from the magical kingdom of Dalaran, the Archmagi represent the
pinnacle of magical power. Weaving their intricate enchantments, these
crotchety old wizards are called upon to defend humanity with all the
magical powers at their disposal. Mounted atop their trusty steeds, the
Archmagi brandish ancient staves that serve to channel their fierce
energies in battle. Though gruff and slightly aloof, these experienced
wizards are a heartening sight upon any battlefield where the fate of
humanity lies in peril.

The Mountain King:
Powerful fighter armed with and axe and hammer.
 photo Thane_zps093d2b3a.jpg

Mountain Kings, or 'Thanes' as they are known in Khaz Modan, are the
mightiest Dwarven warriors under the mountain. Wielding both enchanted
warhammers and hand axes, these fierce fighters live to test themselves
against worthy opponents. Unconcerned with their race's preoccupation
with mechanical devices and mining precious minerals, Mountain Kings
live only for battle. Dedicated to safeguarding the Alliance which saved
their kingdom during the Second War, the Mountain Kings can be counted
upon to rally behind any banner that stands between freedom and the ever
looming shadow of evil.

The Blood Mage
Powerful spellcasting hero
 photo BloodPrince_zps7d69d4e0.jpg

The Blood mage:
It's abillities are:
Flame Strike
Siphon Mana
Phoenix (ultimate ability)

of the stoic high elves, reeling from the loss of their ancient
homeland, Quel'Thalas, have given in to their hatred and despair and
embraced the dark side of their magical natures. Calling themselves
'Blood Elves' - these cold hearted refugees seek to expand their
remaining magical powers at any cost - even if it means courting the
infernal powers of the Burning Legion! Though still loyal to the
Alliance, the Blood Elves' passions will lead them not only to the
highest pinnacles of power, but to the darkest depths of madness.

And finally the summonables:

The Water Elemental:
Summoned by the Archamge.

 photo WaterElemental_zps98fe5b83.jpg

The Phoenix:
Summoned by the Blood Mage.

 photo Phoenix_zps7e36a70b.jpg

And that's all for today's news event tommorow im posting the campaign only units.
So stay tuned!

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most of the images are located at my photobucket account.

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orc clan is happy!!

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good to know it

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is the footman model available for download somewhere?

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