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Hello again o/ Red Alert Plus Mod Release 2021 and more

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RA+ has evolved.. well not much since its inception, slow and steadily expanding the custom content its offering.
While indeed there is lack of documentation regarding the changes, compared to mainline Red Alert mod or previous versions, the development has continued onwards, the emphasis being put on getting implemented stuff to work as intended rather than rushing forwards with regrets later on.
The mod has reached a stage where two seperate releases was necessary, as not only OpenRA Tiberian Dawn mod style multiple production queues mechanic got implemented, it was found to be fundamentally game changing.

This version has the new multi queues:

This version has retained the classic queues:

They both should be identical in content otherwise.

In the meanwhile,
RA+ Lite has been dropped in favor of furthering development of the fullscale RA+ mod.
The idea of a liteweight content expansion mod lives on in the RA Simple mod instead:

As ever,
Enjoy the mod(s)!

(and please keep reporting any of them bugs you encounter)

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