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So this would be a quick update about what has been going on with Lito thus far!

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Hello there!

So, as you might have noticed, we have yet to post anything new in a while, but that is mostly due to real life events.
At this point we have enough assets to make due for a bare bone build, but we have yet to add proper animations and similar into either characters or protagonist.

As the team is scattered, everyone doing their side projects and similar, even tho we are doing things for Lito, finding the time to update is kinda... hard.

So what is new? Well for those that are following the project, thank you very much!
As for the project status - it is still underway!
We have as mentioned before, sorted the assets for most of the sections needed for the main stage.
This would include the introduction area, which has yet to be textured, and stage sections. We have yet to add and sort the models for the last remaining sections, but hopefully we will have enough material to put together an alpha of the actual demo soon.

So thank you for sticking with us and stay tuned!
Next update should contain some visual updates for people to view.

Untill next time -
Best Regards
Lito staff / Rage Monkey Studios

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