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The project is not dead yet; Estimated Release Date!

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Hello there,
things have been quite for the past two months. However, that doesn't mean I didn't make any progress - as a matter of fact, I made a lot of progress!
The story is now 2/3 done and I'm aiming at a mid/end September release. It won't be October, I'll definetely release before that!
In the upcoming weeks, I'll keep updating this page with new OST tracks, screenshots and a new trailer. Right now, Balthasar's Sorrow has a play time of about 1,5 hours, depending on how fast you run through it and how many time you spend for exploration or figuring out a puzzle. That being said, I tried being a bit inventive in the puzzle part - you won't be seeing many find-key-to-door, combine-hammer-and-chipper or position-the-levers-on-this-numbered-board-according-to-a-note puzzles. Some puzzles require you to be fast, some require you to combine things you have found in a way you never had to in the main Amnesia game and some require you to think a bit to figure out the solution!

So, stay tuned, it won't be long until you can finally download and play the finished Balthasar's Sorrow!


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