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Just a quick update on the Mod, including a picture of the new 3D Background (with a placeholder)

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Quick Update

So recently I've been working on a 3D Background Map for the mod - the basis of the background is simply a camera revolving around a mini model of the Ship. Currently there is a brush based placeholder for the ship. When we finally get hold of a 3D Artist to shape one for us, and a texture artist to texture it, it will look magnificent. We are also looking for just one person to convert the Skybox to HDR for me. Then I can start building in HDR without ugly Purple/Black checkered skybox and cubemaps.

3D Background Map WIP
The 3D Background as it looks at the moment.

Concerning 3D Artists and Texture Artists, as well as entity coders; we're hiring so if you'd like to help with the Mod send a message to BlabVoid. Requirements?

3D Artists need to be able to develop high quality models for Source, with the ability to supply Texture Artists with texture maps for the model, additional skills include viewmodels, worldmodels and characters.

Texture Artists need to be able to create or work with large textures (512x512 - 1024x1024) and understand all necessary VMT Shaders - as well as be able to work with SSBump and Envmaps. (OPTIONAL) Concept Art.

Entity Coders need to be able to work on NPCs, weapons, logical entities etc.

joure - - 2,281 comments

? what, you need someone to convert a map so it has HDR ?? You can just simply add in a tone map controller entity, set it's values and then compile with it ...

anyway, good luck tho.

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

What he says.

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ausbushman - - 343 comments

That is awesome.

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Aaagreen - - 225 comments

If I can make a custom skybox from 6 textures with the guide of the Valve Developer Community, so can you.

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BlabVoid Author
BlabVoid - - 266 comments

I made the skybox myself, but I don't understand how to make it HDR

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