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An interesting week. new game music, a concept drawing, and dek shows how hard he works on those animations.

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landscape concept 2
(see hd)

(via youtube)


phew, an interesting week, plenty of discussions about arts, and such. dekdev finally joined us in berlin. tobias, our second 3d artist (2 of 2) arrived just two weeks ago. we're finally complete. so, it took a week to discuss art style (less realistic, more toony or diablo 3/swtor/tf2 like), asset workflows, and such. you know, those game dev team things, because it makes a difference if you start to work face to face instead of from distance etc. not that lang ago we abandoned our procedural landscape generator, or we tried a different way, but now it's back, in a reduced and generic way. we still try to save as many effects on mobile. that pre-pre-alpha demo in 6 weeks would be really, really great. more interesting in-game screenshots and assets soon. i try to update indiedb every 2-3 days. :) sleep is so overrated!

and thanks to dek, we're modern now and active on reeeeddit: reddit

game soundtrack (an ambient track, for calm moments, exploration, particular biomes etc.): tumblr

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