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Quick update on the progress of the mod and what we hope to achieve in the next couple of weeks.

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Hey guys just a quick update for you.

I havn't had much time to do much on the mod because i've been tyring to get my web design business online. Now that it is up and working to what i want it to i can balance my focus and start working on the mod again.

I have a lot of loose code ends which i will be putting together this week to bring you an update by the start of next week.

I would like to thank Admiral_Jamoking and Spinobreaker for assisting with coding different aspects of the mod.

Currently for this mod to be completed this month or as late as early september we require an EFFECTS ARTIST who can create the required effects for the galactica weapon systems.

We have been waiting for months for somone to take up this position and we are still waiting today. We have asked permission to use content from the FX mod but it was declined because of a reason.

Hopefully im going to have a look at the particle editor somtime and give an attempt at creating some effects.

So thats the update. We will be recruiting Alpha and Beta Testers in our next news post, so we'll be looking over comments and activity to see who will be worthy to test the mod.



RandomAsianPro - - 476 comments

i'm not worthy xD no seriously my computer sucks lol

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Roaming_Mutt - - 427 comments

I wish I could volunteer but I don't have a clue how to be an effects artist. I have done some beta testing for MMOs but beyond that all I can do is offer encouragement.

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Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

as for the particle editor, im an entry level in it, i know the basics, but i cant do anything close to the FX teams work... for those interested in having a go, go to - - and grab the editor, and then check out with or for tutorials on how to use it, its not hard, just a bit time consuming
if u find out ur good or u think u cna help, make some particles up for BSG style back cannons, BSG style flack explosions, BSG style missiles, and then send them to Byron, or if hes to busy i can test them out for him

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Redfox442 - - 9 comments

spinobreaker is thre a 64-bit vrsion for WIN7 -

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Wizardknight - - 83 comments

Can't wait. But i guess I'll wait anyway.

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Redfox442 - - 9 comments


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Redfox442 - - 9 comments

ive got time, and if it will teach me ( or then i'd love to give it a try

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