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A quick update on what work is going into the next version of Digitanks.

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Adam and I have put in a lot of work recently to reducing the hardware requirements to run Digitanks. We got a lot of feedback from people expecting to be able to play the game on older hardware and we hate to disappoint. It probably won’t be available until our next release though. Digitanks doesn’t require the most advanced cutting edge in graphics but there’s a lot of work involved in reducing the hardware requirements and putting out an additional release is a bit too much work for us.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be announcing features that we plan to put into the next version of Digitanks, so keep your eyes tuned to this space, or my Twitter account to hear the latest.

Additionally, I used to write here quite a bit about game development and sometimes about the industry in general. Well, I’m still going to do that but I’ve decided to separate it out into its own blog entitled Think Small, featuring a photo of my beautiful cute puppy. I know many people have grown to look forward to these posts and I wanted to continue to supply them, but I don’t think they’re really appropriate for the Digitanks home page anymore.

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