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Some quick news since last week, as life doesn't stop after all..

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Could say it been quite a busy week the last one but not with out some progress, mainly further polishing the code and handle of the new vehicles. Now i have 3 of them, 2 you already know about, the Iron Everest and the Areal Dreadnought. The new unit is an Areal Carrier unit for the US, deffenatly the airforce general will have that badboy and right now i experimenting with the code how to trick it properly so looks quite alike the fighters are inside the carrier while in transit and still dont look like they in a "Ghost" style fly through the hull everywhere when leaving it. The model for the carrier is still not compleat, but i show it to you, it's missing details, something extra that make it look more evil, just like the Dreadnought. Also have plans to finish up the Everest, and doing so might rebuild the model, current one looks good, but i see planny mistakes in it, and i preffer to have an 99.9% done model before move onto another one or do damage states to it.

The new implementations via code are that these large units, when serriusly damaged, will become immobile, so the Iron Everest wont be able to move or turn, and the Areal Ships crash on the ground in the same manner, now the good thing about this, when a Dreadnough crash it dies, now if it was a veteran or Ellite, it will survive the crash, give you opportunity to recover it or to your enemy to destroy it, or even better, capture it, with this adding to the need for lighter unit escort to these beasts, Now if my theory correct i will be even able to disable the weaponry while in this state ( the main weapons at last ) make it into an semi dead unit.

Other plans via coding are change some attributes of the artillery units, mainly there fire range, the heavy artillery units range up to 500-700, the medium artillery units 300-400, and also give them the ability to fire at static air targets after an special upgrade done, specificly to encounter the Areal Battleship or in cases large group of Helos gathering up for an assault, The AA capable Artillery units which are in my mind now are the Tomahawk, Inferno Cannon, Rocket Buggy, Of course the upgrade wont be that cheap, and the Tomahwak will be the only one that able to track its target.


Now after this wall of text LOL, heres some Hiring.
-Texture/Skinner Artist DESPERTLY
-3D Artist ( Beside me )
Requirements, mainly to have some experience about CnC Generals or other Sage engine games, and speak English or Hungarian. Further positions later if a base DEV group finally formed.


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