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Right ok this mod is still being worked on but i would like to ask you all a question. We started this mod on BF2 then changed to BF2142 but what i would like to ask you is this. Would you rather this mod be done on BF2 or BF2142? I am trying to figure out where the larger community lies and we will go with the larger number's and maybe release a version for the other later on

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Ok just to make sure that everyone is on the same page as us.

After everyone had voted we are Staying with BF2 and we will finish the mod on BF2 and maybe after that is all done and we have done any fix's if it needs any then we will do a port to BF2142

But please keep in mind we are a very small team we was 3 but we are now 4. So i would like to say a big welcome to Teal'c for joining us he will be helping us with our Weapons and Static Models

So thankyou for everyone that took time to vote on BF2 or BF2142.

We will do our best to get some more renders,pics and video's to you ASAP

so watch this space.

Oh also our site is almost done part from a few tweaks here and there.

the link is so please sign up and look around (Content going up in next few days 21/10/2010)

Lt.Col.Zach - - 97 comments

I say you do BF2 cause my bf2142 no longer works and id love to play this mod while not having to rebuy 2142

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SG1Shadow - - 597 comments

my 2142 is also broken but i still wish to see it on 2142

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Dreadacide - - 2,600 comments

i've only got 2142 but for this i see a tipping point in my decision to buy BF2 :P

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first299 - - 437 comments

i only have bf2

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Lavaman916 - - 221 comments

i have both games, but i would rather see it on 2142.

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BSG-Developer - - 16 comments

i don't mind id love to see this game in either BF2 or BF2142 as i have both

I just want to get in a F302 and take on a Death Glider

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StormOfRazors - - 82 comments

I would prefer this mod for 2142, as my BF2 doesnt work, but ill be ok if the vote goes against and ill wait for a port if neccasary.
Great job on the BC304 too!

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VAFeuerstein - - 59 comments

I'll love it on either, but would prefer 2142

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finfunxxx - - 131 comments

I think it should be for Battlefield 2 because there seems to already be a stargate mod being created for battlefield 2142 and all the stargate mods i have seen on BF2 are dead.

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John-Sheppard Author
John-Sheppard - - 126 comments

ok as of now this mod is going BF2 once released will port to BF2142

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SleepingHollow - - 234 comments

BF2 please :). Like most people my BF2142 no longer works ):

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Joosto - - 14 comments

BF2 please cos i dont have bf2142 :D:D

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