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The Queller AI has been updated to support TITANS. It is designed solely around the TITANS balance. The full changelog is available here.

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Version 3.0


  • Updated vanilla AI
  • Removed Deep Space Radar references
  • Umbrellas no longer require any kind of radar
  • Focus is back on Bolos over Grenadiers at all levels
  • Uber builds Grenadiers in response to spotting Walls
  • Uber will build the GIL-E as a response to spotting Bluehawks
  • Added support for TITANS units
  • Fixed Gold so it will build Levellers as intended
  • Uber properly checks placement of vehicle factories
  • Updated openings for TITANS
  • Updated naval ship choices for TITANS
  • Uber Air has been transformed to be a more standard personality with an earlier and heavier emphasis on air
  • Sends out single ship platoons at higher levels
  • Uber chooses its first factory on a new planet based on whether there's an enemy presence or not
  • Uber more likely to assign vehicle and naval fabbers to energy production than other types of fabber
  • Capped the number of fighters produced on planets where Queller is alone
  • Uber will use T2 air outside of metal planets
  • Lower difficulties more likely to more poor decisions about when to commit their armies
  • Fixed bug preventing Uber Tech from building advanced energy
  • Uber Tech is much more aggressive about teching
  • Much more sensible about which planet to pull reinforcements from via Teleporter
  • Fixed bracket errors leading to improper filtering
  • Uber and Platinum more aggressive about getting up anti-orbital measures where none exist but an orbital threat does
  • Updated all difficulties in accordance with the latest playstyles in each league
  • Naval platoon 12 now maps to the correct template
  • Platinum now builds Levellers
  • Uber brings out Infernos even when not winning the land war to help in base attacks or raids
  • Gold's micro is a little worse
  • Removed naval platoon 16
  • No longer shuts down factories to bring the eco back in line
    • Eco is going to need more work as this exposes some issues that were previously hidden
  • Bronze and Silver favour the Astraeus for getting off planet
  • Builds either Kestrels or Hornets but never both
  • Bronze no longer artificially restricted on the number of factories it can build
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