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A bugfix release which makes a few adjustments to personality behaviour, but primarily fixes issues identified following the release of v3.1

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This is primarily a bugfix release.

  • Made some very minor performance optimisations
  • Silver now deploys the Catapult as a defensive measure rather than an offensive one
  • Silver will build the Catapult in response to orbital threats
  • Platinum and Uber only build the Wyrm if they control the skies but there's a lot of AA
  • Corrected a bug that could lead to Bronze and Silver stopping advanced air production
  • Storms will now be correctly included in invasion forces
  • Silver will use more Infernos and Vanguards
  • An enemy with an orbital only presence on a planet will no longer cause inappropriate changes to build orders and unit compositions
  • Fixed an error where Uber would only build the Stingray for AA where an orbital threat existed
  • Silver will use the Stingray even when there's no orbital threat
  • Gold will now correctly form platoons when it has enough Piranhas
  • Gold won't build Piranhas unless there's an enemy surface naval presence
  • Gold no longer produces more Piranhas for scouting than it can use
  • Gold will no longer inappropriately go orbital on naval maps
  • Fixed a bug for Gold, Platinum and Uber where T2 would never be achieved on an all naval multi planet system
  • Fixed some checks preventing a factory being the first building on a new world under certain circumstances
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