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Quarries of Scred has now been updated & released onto the marketplace, and is presently on sale. Older builds have been removed from this entry.

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Quarries of Scred - Promo banner

The Ancient prophecies have come to pass - Quarries of Scred is now available for purchase via the widget below.

Not only that, but it's on special for the first week - the normal price of $3.00AUD has been reduced to $1.98AUD. That's a paltry amount.

Quarries of Scred - Development Progress 015Quarries of Scred - Development progress 020Quarries of Scred - Development progress 006

Additionally, some changes

After the last publicly available build, there have been some further updates. The game now has a credits section, which has been immensely overdue!

Quarries of Scred - Development progress 018

The game also includes an exceptional, optional spritesheet by Jay the Robot

Quarries of Scred - Development progress 019

BlackIceTheGame - - 55 comments

Where's the button for me to upvote this article?

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johnvillarzavatti - - 22 comments

Indeed... at last the "like" button makes real sense, and there's no button around :(

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NinRac - - 44 comments

Jay did an awesome job with the new graphics! Kudos to him on the great job! I can see why you were so excited about the results. I still support the idea brought up of letting us add spritesheets to further add to it, but Jay's definitely should be the default because I don't think we're going to beat that.

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